Site Survey & Info Request

Looking for Broadband Service in your area?

In order to determine if we can provide service to your location, we conduct a physical Site Survey at your location to measure signal and available line of sight in order to insure that we can adequately provide our services to you! It is not necessary that you are at home for us to conduct this survey. We may be required to check signal from the ground or roof edge. If we do require special access to measure signal, we will arrange to do so with you.

It is important that you provide us with the information requested on the form below in order to best answer your questions and determine if service is available to you. Once the Site Survey has been completed, you will be contacted by phone or email with the results and to schedule an installation appointment. It's just that simple!

Please complete the required information in the form below so we may determine if your location qualifies for service or so we may answer your questions.